Leverage the Competitive Advantage of Calculator Fluency

Save time on each Math question by using your calculator like an ACT Tutor! 

ACT Calculator Fluency



  • 58 Lessons Dedicated to Learning Calculator & Program Fluency
  • Access to over 500 Math-Related Digital Flashcards (via Quizlet)
  • Practice Worksheets for Every Lesson
  • 50 Downloadable Calculator Programs for the TI-84 Plus and Ti-84 Plus CE
  • 90 Days of Access

Course Outline/List of Lessons

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • Review of the Official ACT Calculator Policy

Downloads, and Additional Resources

  • Ti-84 Plus vs Ti-84 Plus CE: What's the Difference and Who Cares?
  • How to Download & Install the Programs
  • Digital Flashcards on Quizlet
  • Disclaimers & Important Information about ACT's Calculator Policy

Calculator Basics

  • The Calculator's Buttons & Interface

Key Programs to Know

  • Putting Your Calculator in All the Best Modes & Settings for the ACT: ACTSET1 & ACTSET2
  • Programs for the most common ACT questions
  • Additional programs for less well known question types

Course Wrap Up

  • Student Feedback & Program Requests
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